SaaS Solutions

SaaS solutions

YOMA is an industry leader in all-in-one recruitment software. Organizations of all sizes benefit tremendously by leveraging our SaaS-based HRM software, which enables them to successfully manage all communication efforts with clients and leads within a carefully designed centralized platform. Our integrated SaaS-based HRM software can be linked straight off to stronger relationships, ensuring higher levels of profitability.


Payroll solutions

YOMA Technology offers customers a unique platform, enabling them to run their monthly payroll seamlessly. Our user-friendly interface helps clients easily manage attendance, salary computation, and tax deductions. The complex HR payroll can be managed smoothly with our fully automated, technologically advanced HR software.

What we manage in payroll:
  • Attendance & Leave
  • Salary Computation
  • IT Declaration
  • TDS
  • Payslip

HRIMS solutions

YOMA’s HRIMS software offers a suite of high-value HR activities critical in any Organization. Our integrated HRIMS solutions manage internal HR functions from employee data management to payroll, recruitment, benefits, training, talent management, employee engagement, employee attendance, and performance management. For HR to keep the organization running efficiently and effectively now and in the future, it's highly important to have automated HRIMS Solutions, and YOMA Technology offers a unique value proposition in terms of fully integrated HRIMS Solutions.

  • An end–to–end solution for the employer & the employee.
  • GeniusPayroll & GeniusHRMS is easy to configure, customizable, and user-friendly.
  • The suite can be implemented with a perpetual license or a cloud model.
  • The suite integrates easily with existing applications.

Claims and reimbursement

Sales representatives can submit four different claims through Proanto.
  • Travel claims
  • Mobile claims
  • Hotel claims
  • Courier and stationery

Travel Claim has been categorized as DA & TA, which gets auto-calculated according to the sales representative market, working through Proanto. DA & TA are directly linked to the distance traveled by the Sales Representative during their market work. Every time they work on the app, geotag gets captured, and with the help of the Google route optimization technique, we calculate the best route for that. DA & TA also have some validations as per the client’s travel policy. It is generated once the duration (month) is over and the sales representative submits data off.

Mobile claims can be submitted once in a period (month) where adding support is mandatory.

Hotel claims can be submitted twice in a period with support.

Courier and stationery claims can be submitted more than once until it does not cross the limitation amount.

Attendance management

Inch-up your employees' performance and productivity to the next rim with YOMA's Attendance Management solution. We ensure a unified talent management solution that includes:

  • View attendance
  • View map
  • Leave management
  • Associate support and query management
  • Salary process
  • Client dashboard
  • Associate login

Our smartly designed, advanced attendance management solution equips businesses with the right tools to help them attain peak levels of employee performance. YOMA's attendance management system has been thoughtfully developed to align employee capital with the organization's goals. From obtaining the required skills to managing end-to-end HR operations, YOMA empowers your organization to harness the optimum power of human vivacity.