IT Staffing

IT staffing

Yoma, one of the leading IT staffing companies, enables you to achieve and optimize the most strategic and transformational components of business success - the right people with the right skills, competence, and attitude. As one of the industry's most respected IT staffing companies, we offer a wide range of temporary staffing services, including IT staff augmentation, and permanent recruitment.

We take pride in our combined experience of decades to find the best talents that meet your organization’s specific needs. We create the most amiable platform for you to meet the best candidates who deliver on your requirements.


Staff augmentation

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy that helps recruit talents across all profiles and verticals. With YOMA’s staff augmentation solution, businesses can personally select candidates according to your budget and optimize recruiting costs seamlessly.

YOMA uses fixed and pre-defined budgets for projects and outsourced teams and provide selected manpower within the required budget. We ensure that staff augmentation services fully comply with regulatory and statutory requirements of labor law.


Why opt YOMA for staff augmentation services?

A company must upgrade and expand its IT departments and have well-versed people on board. The global staffing business is one of the most potent sources of staff augmentation talent, with an estimated annual expenditure of nearly *US$490 billion, and YOMA makes an ideal choice to outsource your staff augmentation efforts to as we demonstrate experience, customer acknowledgement and authorization to push on.

Permanent recruitment

Talented employees are an asset to any organization. Therefore, it is imperative to select the right candidates for the right jobs through a systematic recruitment process and a good employer brand.

While your HR department may be focused on attracting and retaining employees, a company like ours with long-term staffing experience can be the best partner for matching a candidate's skills and attitudes to job requirements and company culture.